BOOST YOUR CREDENTIALS: LOOP helps influencers improve their public image and differentiate themselves. 
Influencers commonly face backlash online for promoting fast fashion brands and encouraging weekly new purchases, however, with LOOP you can now offer your followers sustainable solutions to their fast fashion purchases.
This will improve your public image and make you stand out among unsustainable influencers.

BECOME VERIFIED: Influencers partnering with LOOP automatically get verified on our platform.  Verified users on the LOOP platform commonly appear on the “For You Page” of others and their posts are frequently suggested to users. As a verified user on LOOP, you benefit in various ways: greater recognition, increase in followers, higher engagement, improved reputation, account credibility, greater visibility, and favoured by brands looking to cooperate.

MAKE MONEY OFF WORN CLOTHES: Make money off clothes which you have already been pictured in and no longer want. LOOP allows you to easily resell or swap clothes with your followers, additionally, as a verified user your pieces will be more likely to sell.

GENERATE MORE CONTENT: LOOP allows you to generate content without physically owning clothes. LOOP “boards” allow you to select multiple clothing items from your favourite sites which will automatically turn into a “board”. These boards appear on the feed of your followers and the FYP of other users, allowing you to generate content sustainably and grow your following without purchasing new items. 

LOOP REWARD SYSTEM: The LOOP reward system gives you points for activity, engagement, posts, and reviews. As a verified user you will receive twice as many points, these points can be later converted to discounts from your favorite retailers.

FAST TRACK VERIFIED: Fast Track Verified scheme for Influencers with less than 10k followers. Wannabe influencers can apply to our fast track verified program which consists of several tasks and actions which must be complete in order to become verified on the LOOP platform.