1. BUILD YOUR PROFILE: In order to sell items on LOOP you must first build a trusted profile, this includes uploading a profile picture, adding your location, verifying your account and connecting your bank account or PayPal to your LOOP wallet.

2. WHAT TO SELL: Find out what items you can sell on LOOP by clicking here

3. LIST YOUR ITEMS: List your items, this can be done either manually or by simply clicking “RESELL” on an item already in your digital wardrobe. In order to sell items faster make sure you add a few clear pictures of the item, we recommend downloading an app which removes the background around your item. Once pictures of the item are added make sure to add a description, be specific and honest when describing the listed item.

4. WAIT FOR BUYERS: To help your item sell faster we recommend using LOOP BUMP, which ensures your item reaches as many people as possible for the next 7 days. Once a buyer contacts you, make sure to respond quickly and click our MAKE AN OFFER button to change the price of your listing.

5. ONCE ITS SOLD: Once you sell your item make sure to ship it to the buyer as soon as possible. Pack the item correctly and ship your item within the next 5 working days. Add all shipping details to LOOP once sold in order to track the package.

6. DELIVERED: Once your transaction has been complete, please rate your experience with the buyer and give them a rating. Once that is complete your funds will be released and can be found in your LOOP WALLET.