How to pay out your earnings

In order to pay out your earnings you must wait for a transaction with a LOOP user to be fully complete. Once a transaction is complete funds are then released into your LOOP WALLET where they can later be transferred to your bank account/ paypal.

Why is my balance pending?

A pending balance indicates that your transaction with a buyer/seller has not been completed. Once the transaction is completed and the buyer receives their item all funds are released into your LOOP WALLET.

How to sell an item faster?

1. Bump your items to increase the chance of them selling, see LOOP BUMP here 2. Take clear pictures of your items in good lighting and make sure the background is clean. We recommend downloading an app such as PhotoRoom which removes the background around your item....

How to bump items

By using LOOP BUMP your items are much more likely to sell. There are 3 types of BUMP packages:   MINI 49p 3 days top page   MIDI 99p 7 days top page 3 days highlight offer   MAXI £1.49 30 days top page 10 days highlight offer 7 days home...